A life of boundless blessings and beauty

That’s mine. That’s NOT Kai-Kai’s.

– Apparently now Amelia always needs to clarify that everything that is hers is NOT Kai-Kai’s. Pretty funny.

That’s NOT funny!

– Amelia’s latest favorite quote. Not quite sure where she got THAT from.

A special treat- a Bay Day and pizza at Domenico’s with her buddies Ayla and Baby Shane! And Auntie Vanessa and Mommy too… ;)

Amelia got a special treat from her Nonna- a new “special seat!”

It’s the size of her head!!!

It’s the size of her head!!!

Hanging out in front of Nonna’s, scooping sand and watch people whiz by on the boardwalk on wheels. A lovely summer afternoon.

Emi’s Auntie Rainy and Uncle Sean are on a 3-month odyssey through the US and Canada to find themselves a new place to call home. The first stop- Long Beach, CA! So of course we had to show them a quintessential Long Beach summer day starting with breakfast burritos at the Coffee Cup Cafe and playing in the sun at the bay at The Peninsula. We built sand castles, attempted to catch minnows and crabs, buried each other in the sand, collected shells and rocks, splashed in the water. And, of course, it was a sunny 75 today with a lovely breeze. Way to put forward your best foot Long Beach!

A wonderful afternoon with some of Emi’s most important Aunties. These girls are my ❤️. So happy to have caught this moment at her Auntie Annie’s 33rd birthday. We love you Annie!! Happy Birthday!!

Supporting Auntie Stacey at the soft opening of the new Philz Coffee in Santa Monica, the first in Southern CA. So proud of all your hard work!! That’s water, by the way.

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